Teasers, Banners and More

One of the things that I have learned about since signing my first publishing contract is the need to keep social media sites lively, both in words and images. I’ve been making teasers for my books, as well as new images to showcase my author’s sites. Some I really like, some are “meh,” others end up in the computer’s trash bin. In hindsight, I think whether or not I like them usually has more to do with my mood than anything else. Here are a few examples:

As it is really cold in Vermont again this weekend, I will spend some time again tomorrow playing around with visuals after doing some writing and editing — and if I really like one or two of them, I promise to share them here!

Some days!

Some days I jump out of bed, ready to embrace the day and all that will happen in that day. I am ready for intellectual, creative and physical challenges, and look forward to seeing what the day brings.

Other days, the alarm goes off, and I still get right out of bed (never have been one who could hit snooze) and go through my normal morning routine, but without the same enthusiasm.  Those are the days when little thing irritate me, like NPR playing more modern classical music — I want Vivaldi or Mozart when I get up!

Today, was the later sort of day. I woke up warm and comfortable, and really, spending the day with my husband and son, writing, editing, maybe making some raspberry jam, all sounded much more appealing than what I had planned for the day.

But then I got moving, the sun came out, people were smiley in the warmer sunnier weather, and in all, yeah, it was a good day.

Now the sun has set, the wood stove is burning brightly, and I am going to take some time to write on book four…

Guest Blogger — David W. Thompson

I’d like to welcome fellow Solstice author David W. Thompson to my site!

My name is David W. Thompson, a recent retiree from the aerospace industry, and a recently published author. I am a father, grandfather, husband, and lover of cheesecake! I enjoy woodcarving, kayaking, wine making and the outdoors. I love puppies, moonlight walks in the mountains, and I want peace on Earth. Despite this, I’ve never been asked to participate in a beauty contest. It may be because I look lousy in a bikini.

Current- My novel “Sister Witch, The Life of Moll Dyer” was released by Solstice Publishing on Halloween 2017. It’s a hist-fic novel with magical realism inspired by the legend of Moll Dyer, a 17th century accused witch. Her story’s haunted me since I was a child huddled around a campfire listening to spooky stories- some all too true! The historical evidence of Moll’s life is minimal, due to the time period she lived in, but also because of a courthouse fire. The legends and oral traditions from the area, however, are extensive and every local family is adamant that their version is the most accurate one! I combined the mythos and the historical record to create her story, and I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive reactions it’s received so far! Even though one local lady suggested I watch my back as “Moll will come and get you for writing that book.”

Marching On– I recently signed a contract for Book 2 of the Dyer family series- “His Father’s Blood.” This novel follows John Dyer- skin walker and great-great grandson of the venerable Moll Dyer– in his quest for a peaceful life. But the demon cursing the Dyer family for generations returns even stronger, and lays claim to another Dyer child. Once again, the family must fight to save their bloodline from demonic enslavement. The novel begins during the waning years of the 18th century and continues the saga initiated in “Sister Witch.”

Future Projects? Book #3 in the Dyer family series is already a WIP. I am considering a prequel to Sister Witch, as Moll has become such a beloved character. I am also outlining what I envision as a reimagining of the first vampire story.

By way of warning, my author’s voice (twisted by my characters’ whispers) tends to cast light on the less savory aspects of the human condition. You know, the people and things scurrying about in the darkness– waiting to pounce! Hence my tagline- “Often bloody. Habitually dark.  Always original.”

In conclusion, I’d like to thank K.Francoeur/Anna Belle for this opportunity to share a bit with you! Also, thank you for reading this far! If I’ve piqued your interests in my work, please peruse my links below. Best to you and yours, Dave T.





If you are interested in the historical Moll Dyer:





Brrrrrrrrrrr….And a new cover!

It has been brutally cold in Vermont lately, as it has been in many places around the world. This morning, it was -13 here, and with the wind, it felt even colder. Luckily, we have a snug house, great wood stove, and lots of firewood.

Today’s excitement is that I am sharing the cover image for my third novel, More Than I Can Say, which is currently in editing prior to being released in e-book and print versions from my publisher, Solstice Publishing.

MTICS final cover image

I can’t wait to see how this books changes in it’s editing process, and I absolutely can’t wait to see it in print!