Updates from Vermont

Finally the weather broke this weekend, and we have had to relatively warm days, with some much needed (and appreciated) sun. The good news is that the driveway is almost completely ice free now, the bad news is that the alpaca barn is completely flooded with the run-off.

Today I finished the edits of More Than I Can Say, and now it has gone back to my Solstice editor for her next round of suggestions. I love seeing how the novel changes slightly with each round. Tonight I will actually get a little writing time, working on novel 4.

In other news, both books are on sale right now in e-book format. The Phone Call (TPC e-book) is on sale for $1.99, and That One Small Omission (TOSO e-book) is on sale for .99. Both can be found on amazon or on solsticepublishing.com.

Finally, I was really excited this week to get new bookmarks. One has all three covers on it, one has one cover on each side (of works that have been published). I would be happy to send one to anyone who would like one, as a way of thanking you for your support. If you are interested, message me through the contact form on this site, and send me your name and mailing address, and I will send one right out to you. As of right now, I am only sending them within the United States, but hope to widen that area soon.

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