Updates from Vermont

Once the dust settled a bit from the excitement of That One Small Omission being published, we then had a family health issue that had us all running in circles. We are still all running in circles, but have also been able to return to the writing process. The Phone Call is now in proofreading at Solstice Publishing, and I can’t wait to get our proof back for us to check.

In other news, we’ve had fun with teasers and videos for the books, and I wanted to share them here with you.

What a busy week!

Last week was filled with the incredible excitement as That One Small Omission was published by Solstice Publishing, in both e-book and print copies. How exciting it was to hold a print copy in my hands after years of dreaming about it — and how good it looks on my mantle!




Here’s one of my favorite new teasers for it, with the information about purchasing.

release teaser

Now I have moved back into the editing process with my second novel (originally my first novel), The Phone Call. My amazing editor is working away on the most recent set of changes, and I can’t wait to see it back in a few days.

That One Small Omission — PUBLISHED!!!

For years, I have written stories, sent them to agents and publishers, revised, and tried again. After Sam’s death, I put writing aside for a long time because my world was just too dark and sad. Finally, I needed to return to writing, partially to be true to myself, partially because my amazing family believed in me.

Today, That One Small Omission, written under my pen name Anna Belle Rose, was published. There is no way I can adequately express my joy and excitement about this finally happening.

The print version will be available very shortly on Amazon and other retailers, and as soon as I have that link, I will post an update. In the meantime, the e-book version can be published either through Amazon or Solstice Publishing, links below.

That One Small Omission — E-book on Amazon

That One Small Omission — e-book on Solstice Publishing


I started on the journey toward publishing a book decades ago. Suddenly, after all the years of dreaming of “one day,” the time is actually here. Tomorrow, my first novel, That One Small Omission, will be published by Solstice Publishing. It still seems like a dream, and I still find myself suddenly wiggling around in joy as it crosses my mind.


Joy and Grief in Equal Measures

As I wait for That One Small Omission to be released on October 11th, I also struggle with the weight and sadness that comes as a part of October for us now. No matter the joy that comes in October to us as a family, it forever will be the month that took Sam from us. A month that prior to 2013 was filled with pumpkins, cider, donuts, leaves, soccer, hikes and unending laughter, now has many of those things, and great heartache and many tears. No matter how much we still love those parts of fall, we still feel the yawning ache of his loss. So, as I prepare to celebrate the launch of my first published novel, I also recognize that it will come with the sadness of not having him here jumping up and down wanting to be the first to hold it in print. Instead, we will do as he wanted us to, and when it releases, we (parents and children) will go out to dinner, and we will order whatever we want. And I’m sure that at least some of us will put some ketchup on the plate in his honor — no matter what we order.