The benefits of sunshine

If you live in relatively temperate climate, one where the weather doesn’t vary a whole lot, you may not understand the psychological importance of sunshine. In Vermont, from late October to late March, it is gray and cloudy a lot. I mean, a LOT. Besides the snow and ice we get in winter, the shorter hours of daylight, it also is cloudy much of the time.

So today, after it poured yesterday, after days of rain/snow/sleet and just plain clouds, the sun came out in force. Even though there still is glare ice where ever the water pooled yesterday during the rain, then the temperature dropped over night, the sun makes everything look more cheerful. Everyone was in a much better mood today, and it reminds me of how excited we all get in spring.

It also reminded me that it is time to check on the status of my seed order for the garden!

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