Random thoughts

Lately, it has struck me that everyone has opinions about writers, and about their writing. People come up to me and comment on my novels, good or bad, and I always appreciate their input. Some comments make me mad for just a moment, but I have to say that I always take them to heart, and they help me adjust/improve future writing. It also strikes me as funny how many people ask for free copies of my novels — it doesn’t seem to matter how many times I explain that I didn’t get boxes and boxes of free copies, they still ask about getting them. It doesn’t bother me, it just makes me chuckle as I can’t imagine people walking up to an artist, say a weaver, and asking for a free towel/rug/blanket. Some days I find this a bit much, but then it hits me again that now I have two novels published, and another on the way. I now schedule book signings and talks, have people interacting with me about my stories, and it is just amazing. I had spent so many years hoping to some day have something published, this is beyond my wildest dreams. How lucky I am!

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