Letting Go For Love — an excerpt


Letting Go For Love is available in print and e-books. Here’s a short excerpt:



Dot sat on the edge of her bed, her feet dangling above the cold floor of her room. Was she really getting up this early on Thanksgiving? God, a day to sleep in as long as she wanted seemed like a fantasy. She was so tired.

Shaking her head, she sighed. “Suck it up, buttercup. This is life. Be thankful you only have to make a pie for today.”

With that, she placed her feet on the ice-cold floor, shivered, and headed to the shower.

Afterwards, Dot poured a cup of coffee, sneaking a glance at the clock on the wall. She had twenty minutes before she needed to wake the boys, so, if she focused, she could get the next section of the application done.

She opened her laptop and clicked on the tab. Seeing the form populate with the work she had already done, she paused. Was it worth even trying? Yes, it was. She needed this grant. She had already made it through the first round of the application process; this was a much more comprehensive version.

She leaned back in her chair, daydreaming for just a moment. If she was awarded the money, she would be able to paint full-time for a whole year; the foundation would pay her enough to cover her bills. And she could paint. She could take advantage of natural daylight instead of limiting herself to those late-night hours when the boys slept. It would be a dream come true.

It was a long shot, but she had to try.