Some days!

Some days I jump out of bed, ready to embrace the day and all that will happen in that day. I am ready for intellectual, creative and physical challenges, and look forward to seeing what the day brings.

Other days, the alarm goes off, and I still get right out of bed (never have been one who could hit snooze) and go through my normal morning routine, but without the same enthusiasm.  Those are the days when little thing irritate me, like NPR playing more modern classical music — I want Vivaldi or Mozart when I get up!

Today, was the later sort of day. I woke up warm and comfortable, and really, spending the day with my husband and son, writing, editing, maybe making some raspberry jam, all sounded much more appealing than what I had planned for the day.

But then I got moving, the sun came out, people were smiley in the warmer sunnier weather, and in all, yeah, it was a good day.

Now the sun has set, the wood stove is burning brightly, and I am going to take some time to write on book four…

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