Winter in Vermont

It was a beautiful day in Vermont today.  Over night, we got 5-8 inches of new snow. Big flakes, fluffy, fluffy snow. When we got up this morning, it was a balmy 20 degrees.

Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be bitterly cold, as the brutal weather continues its march across the country hits New England.

Such weather, both the beautiful snow and then the arriving cold, make me think about how lucky we are. We have a snug house, lots of dry firewood, a furnace that works well when we need to use it, safe vehicles with good tires, food and water. It reminds me that so many people don’t have that level of security, and have to struggle daily with their basic needs. This again reminds me that sometimes the little things that I find irritating, such as my snow boots dripping on the floor, are things that I instead should be grateful for — how lucky I am to have warm boots that fit me!

How can we all re-frame how we look at the irritations of life?

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