Introducing Dr. Marlene Ringler!

As I have said before, one of my favorite parts of my writing/publishing journey is that I have gotten to know amazing authors. Dr. Marlene Ringler is one of them, and I am so pleased to share information about her recent book, which as a former Special Educator, the topic of her book is near and dear to my heart!


Author Biography:

Dr. Marlene Ringler is a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature as well as a trained and certified teacher, CEO and founder of the international Ringler English Language Institute. Her company was recognized as a lead vendor for global training for multinationals including Toyota, Intel, IBM and Microsoft. She pioneered the concept of in-house training specifically in business settings.

When living in the United States, Marlene was the co-coordinator of the English for Specific Purposes and English as a Second Language adult training programs for refugees and immigrants in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland.  Her program was nominated for special recognition by the White House for its work in adult literacy. An advocate for persons with disabilities, Marlene encouraged people in school systems in the US and in Israel to develop programs for students who might not otherwise be able to function in a typical classroom. She counseled and guided teachers, administrators and parents to recognize the needs of the disabled population.

Today, Marlene works closely with service care providers to maximize the potential of the autistic population in a work setting. In addition, she counsels and advises parents about resources, opportunities, and the legal aspects of raising an autistic child to adulthood.

Marlene and her family currently reside in Israel and  sponsor, host, and organize conferences, social events, and gatherings in order to promote awareness about the needs of the autistic adult.

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About her Book:

I Am Me is a  courageous story offered as a gift of hope, inspiration and love to anyone whose life is affected by an autism spectrum diagnosis – a candid and moving personal narrative about raising a son with the devastating diagnosis. One out of 68 children today is diagnosed with autism. One of those happens to be Marlene Ringler’s son. Yesterday’s autistic child is today’s autistic adult. As mothers, women  worry about just  what will happen to their  child when they are  no longer around to provide guidance and support.

Who will look after him? Who will care? Who will love my son?

Marlene Ringler directly addresses those very human questions as she pays special attention to research findings and current investigations into the spectrum disorder. Her journey provides a firsthand look at the highs and lows of raising a son with this diagnosis, leading towards a greater understanding of how recognition of an autistic diagnosis can be viewed as part of our human condition.  I Am Me is a straightforward , honest, and touching story of how a family copes when one member is on the spectrum. It is a journey told through the prism of a mother who offers hope, belief, and conviction that the life of a child with autism can and should be fulfilling and rewarding.


Looking to buy a copy?

I Am Me is available worldwide in bookstores and through your favorite online bookstores. However, if you are like me, and tend to go right to Amazon, here is the link.

I Am Me — Amazon


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