Being Thankful

I write and talk about gratitude a lot. One of the things I have noticed is that many people see gratitude as something you feel/express when it is something major, or dramatic in your life, such as being grateful for a vacation to Mexico.

As I say when I speak on the topic, I don’t see gratitude as just for big things. Yes, I am thankful for a wonderful gift, or a surprise visit from a friend. But I am also grateful for having a coffee maker that works well on auto setting each morning so there is coffee when I get up. I am thankful for firewood. I am thankful for sturdy, warm shoes when the weather is yucky. I am thankful for friends who send text messages saying “hugs.” I am thankful for friends who send me photos of rainbows. I am thankful for the chickens’ excitement when they get their cracked corn. I am thankful for the music on my phone. I am thankful for a family who loves to eat dinner together.

I think if we spend our time thinking that events/experiences/gifts need to be major or new to make our gratitude list, we are missing so many opportunities to be grateful.

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