Love, snow, and stew

Today was a snowy day in Vermont. My drive into work was a bit iffy, but once I was settled in, the view from my window was spectacular.

Coming home a bit early today, I spent time picking up, making a stew, making sourdough bread and some brownies before taking care of things outside.

What I realized as the day progressed was that I was seeing love in action. Love is shoveling and plowing. Love is clearing snow from decks. Love is bringing venison to your neighbor to thank them for letting you hunt on their land. Love is making a rich stew from that venison so all your family members who are cold and tired and hungry can have a great dinner. Love is fixing a garage door opener. Love is gathering dirty dishes and washing them. Love is finding the socks left on the floor and washing/drying them. Love is texting to let people know when you have arrived somewhere. Love is sending an email saying that you want to connect with someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. Love is ordering a surprise for someone who is struggling so they feel loved. Love is sending a message telling someone what you appreciate about them.

Where did you see love today?

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