What is love?

Happy 2019 to all of you! I hope this year brings you health, joy, light, love and peace.

As I started this year, I thought a lot about what love is — I know, I know. I think about love a lot…

Love is getting up every morning and making the bed for your partner. Love is getting the wood stove going as soon as possible so your family is warm. Love is cutting, splitting and stacking firewood so your family will be warm next winter. Love is dragging the splitter to another house to split wood. Love is reading a romance novel because you love the author. Love is fixing the dryer so that clothes don’t snag. Love is carrying Fluffy 2 to the coop just because she likes to be held. Love is making another handrail, even when the original was brilliant. Love is putting up with snoring. Love is picking up the phone charger and bringing it downstairs every single day. Love is all those seemingly little things that together make life grand.

How do you show love?

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