Over the last eighteen months, as I have been so busy with the writing/editing/publishing/marketing process, I have not taken as much time as I should, or as I would like, to read books by other authors. I do read a lot professionally, but I hadn’t picked up many other books in a while.

This last two months, that changed. I have read and read, and read some more. I have read novels, motivational texts, pieces from authors I have gotten to know along this journey, books recommended by friends, and books that just caught my interest. I have enjoyed some of them greatly, had issues or grumbled about some, and found some that I wish had been through a more stringent editing/proofreading process as typos or misused words took my mind away from great stories.

As the summer winds down, I know my reading time will get shorter and shorter with the ramping up of the school year. But, it has been a wonderful time this summer, and I have so enjoyed the books I have read.

Here’s hoping you’ve read some great books this summer!

One thought on “Reading!

  1. I’m reading a biography. I rarely read them but this particular one sounded fascinating. It’s called Papa John, writing by The Mama’s and The Papa’s lead man John Phillips.

    He wrote it back in 1986. Interesting to see how life was in the fast lane back in the 60’s.

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