A Farming Kind of Day

Yesterday was a busy, busy day around our farm. We had gathered the drop apples from our trees and decided that we should press cider or they would go to waste. For some reason this year, our apple trees are dropping apples way more often than normal.

So we pressed cider. We hoped that we would make maybe a gallon, but in the end, we pressed more than four gallons. After putting some aside for family members, we then froze a gallon in quart jars and made a gallon of spiced cider. Then we went to check our supply of our homemade apple cider vinegar, and divided up what we had left, and added fresh cider, so in all, we now have three gallons of the vinegar fermenting for the fall/winter. Then we took the remains of the apples and gave the alpacas and non-laying chickens a treat.

Then we picked the garden, cleaned the hay barn, and did the normal chores, finally settling down with our sons for a great meal together. It was a great day!

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