Signs of Spring!

Today was the first really sunny and warm(ish) day since it officially became spring. The robins were everywhere, the snow is almost gone (except for the huge pile at the turn in the driveway). The sap is running like crazy, and we were thrilled to see that one of our hives of bees survived the winter. The garlic is poking up through the mulch, the chickens took their dust baths under the deck, and the alpacas were running and wrestling.

Now we start the process of cleaning up all of our vegetable garden areas, getting ready to till then plant. I can’t wait to see the early crops start growing in the next couple weeks!

One thought on “Signs of Spring!

  1. When the kids were little we use to run through the neighborhood searching for trees that were waking up. We had to be quiet around those who were still sleeping. When I was small I use to imagine nature tossing the blankets away from her feet, yawning and stretching and starting her new day. Spring is great!

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