Updates, updates, updates

This week has been full of meetings, rain, and (thankfully) melting snow. But it has also been a time of self-reflection as I have worked on promoting my novels and working on my memoir. My incredible editor pushes me like a great editor should, pushing me in my editing of the memoir, looking to make it the best possible book it can be. Obviously, when I am writing about the experience of losing our beloved son, Sam, that push can cause tears and re-opening of scabbed grief wounds. I have also started the formal process of looking for an agent to represent it, which is an interesting process as well. It makes me laugh how different the submission requirements are for different agents. Some want a query letter only, some a letter and proposal, some a letter/proposal/pages, and finally some a letter and pages.  I will keep you updated on the progress I make in the process!



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