A sneak peak!

MTICS final cover image

More Than I Can Say is at the proofreader, which means we are in the final stages before it’s release in e-book and print versions from Solstice Publishing!

In anticipation of that upcoming release, I thought I’d post a little bit of the prologue…



Dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, Jackson started up the trail. The trail was 5.8 miles to the summit and he was looking forward to starting his training outdoors for the Spartan Race, instead of in city gyms.

At almost a mile in, he paused and adjusted his pack before beginning to jog again, happy that no one else seemed to be out this early on a Sunday morning. As he picked up his pace, he heard a noise behind him. He glanced over his shoulder and saw a small blonde woman rapidly approaching. As she caught up, she shouted. “Stay left!”


She pointed to the greenery on the right without breaking stride. “Nettles. You’re in shorts, you’ll get stung.”

He swerved left. “Thanks.”

As she ran past him, Jack got a view of her very shapely backside framed in running tights, her fitted tank top highlighting her curves, and a very distinctive tattoo of a star on her left shoulder.

In less than a minute, she was out of sight. He picked up his pace, trying to catch up.

As Jackson reached the wooden steps just below the summit, he heard her voice again. “Careful. Last step is cracked.”

He adjusted his stride as his foot was about to come down, then slowed as he came into the clearing at the top of the mountain. There she was, standing on a large flat rock, water bottle in her hand.

Now you’ll have to wait for the release to find out what happens next!



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