Welcome CJ Warrant!

Today I’d like to welcome author CJ Warrant!

First and foremost, thanks for having me. It’s a great pleasure being here.

Just a little bit about myself. My name is CJ Warrant and I write dark romantic thrillers, suspense and contemporary romance.

I currently reside in the Midwest with my wonderful husband and two of three kids. I worked in the beauty industry for many years before I shifted my talents to words and began writing full time.

As an Army brat in my youth, I had the privilege to travel with my family, got to meet so many people and saw different parts of the world. I take my knowledge from the places I’ve been, to the people I’ve met and use it in my books…mostly.

Phew! Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.

One of the biggest question people have asked me, “Why do you write so dark?” For example my new release, Mirror Image is a dark romantic thriller, which you get an inside view of the female serial killer’s head. Yes, some of the scenes can get dark, but without those characters—knowing what goes through their heads and their actions, I feel there isn’t a full story to tell without them.

I also feel there should be a balance between the hero and heroine’s journey. In order to heal from what is broken inside, they need to discover and experience each other in a fast pace—sometimes in harrowing moments that brings two people together. Jazz and Michael did just that in Mirror Image. Two different people, with real issues, dealing with murders, revenge and twisted lies that pulled a family a part. What’s not to like when you have to hang on for deal life and fall madly in love at the same time.

Anyway, writing dark, light, sweet or erotic, my characters are the ones who speaks to me and tells me what their life story is all about…even the villains, which makes for an interesting story to tell.

If you like to know more about me, what I’m writing next, and where you can find me, sign up for my newsletter. http://www.cjwarrant.com/contact-cj.html

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