That One Small Omission — PUBLISHED!!!

For years, I have written stories, sent them to agents and publishers, revised, and tried again. After Sam’s death, I put writing aside for a long time because my world was just too dark and sad. Finally, I needed to return to writing, partially to be true to myself, partially because my amazing family believed in me.

Today, That One Small Omission, written under my pen name Anna Belle Rose, was published. There is no way I can adequately express my joy and excitement about this finally happening.

The print version will be available very shortly on Amazon and other retailers, and as soon as I have that link, I will post an update. In the meantime, the e-book version can be published either through Amazon or Solstice Publishing, links below.

That One Small Omission — E-book on Amazon

That One Small Omission — e-book on Solstice Publishing

2 thoughts on “That One Small Omission — PUBLISHED!!!

  1. Congratulations! I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to read it. Is it okay if I share your news on my Facebook page? I want to promote your book as much as I can.


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