Hmmm, very interesting…

I love editing. I mean, I seriously love editing. I love looking at my text and changing it as I read and re-read, and I love taking the input of editors who are hired to work on my novels and see their suggested changes. I almost never react to suggestions with crankiness. But recently, the editor for book 3 made a suggestion regarding a food item the characters were eating in one scene. She made the suggestion that the combination of food and drink was not the norm, and that if I was using that particular combination, I should probably give some sort of explanation why that combination worked in the story — you know, back story for the combination. It’s funny, thousands of editing suggestions have been made for my novels, and that one suggestion caused more grouchiness than all the others put together. So, I still haven’t resolved that one suggestion. I know that ultimately, it is my decision whether or not to accept the suggestions, and almost always I do, but we will see if that one makes the final manuscript or not.


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