Updates and Inspiration

In our house, as in so many houses across the country, it is a busy time of year. The school year is starting, the garden is bursting, and there just plain aren’t enough hours in the day.

As we navigate this busy time, The Phone Call is being edited, That One Small Omission is being proofread, and the first set of edits on Keeping Away has arrived, and is being integrated into the manuscript right now. Book 4 (still untitled) is a work in progress.

During this time, we also lost our friend Fluffy, who was the best chicken ever. As I thought about Fluffy, I realized how often she was inspiration for my writing, whether it was on Facebook or in my books. She was also an inspiration in terms of how she found the simple pleasures in life, and how she kept going long after her hearing and vision were waning. Inspiration can be found everywhere, sometimes in the simplest or least expected situations.

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