A cover, a couple teasers, and the editing process!

I am thrilled to share the cover for That One Small Omission!

That One Small Omission -- cover

Over the last few days, I have ventured into the scary world of book teasers. I understood the concept of creating an image with text that hopefully will draw readers in to want to read your book. While I understood the idea, actually sitting down to start making them was a huge leap for me.

Finally, I sat down and made a few. Some got scrapped right away, some I have kept, some are still being edited and tweaked. Other authors have given me some feedback, so I will be making more with their feedback in mind.

For The Phone Call, this was my first real teaser:

The Phone Call -- teaser 3

The feedback I received was to make the text stand out more, and to increase the font size of the title, both of which I plan to do in another version or in future teasers.

Then I tackled making a teaser for That One Small Omission, as they are simultaneously in the publication process, so I don’t actually know which one will be published first. Here is my first attempt for that novel:

That One Small Omission -- teaser 3

The funny thing was that once I had “completed” one teaser, it became a lot of fun. I was searching for images that connected to the stories, playing with color and black and white, and trying to put it all together in a visually pleasing manner.

So, maybe later today I will make another teaser or two, and if I do, I will share them out for input.

In other very exciting news, That One Small Omission arrived in my email box this morning, ready for me to start incorporating the Solstice editor’s suggestions. Having just looked a the first couple pages, I am thrilled by the suggestions, and can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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