Summer in Vermont is a wonderful time. Our weather (usually) is good, the gardens, farms, and orchards are bursting with wonderful fruits and vegetables. The lakes and rivers give us such opportunities for swimming and kayaking.

As the summer begins to wind down, denoted here in Addison County by when the fair is done, we continue preparations for winter. The wood is in the shed, we are getting ready to can this weekend, the dehydrator is going all the time, and the garlic is curing in the barn. The final load of hay that we need for the winter will be in the barn next week, meaning that we are ready to feed all the humans and animals all winter, as well as keeping us all warm.

This summer has had the added joys of our newest grandchildren, twins who are now 7 months old, and the excitement of the journey towards publication of my first two novels. As much as I look forward to fall and winter, I have to admit that I hate to see this summer end!

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