The Changing Times and Views

Lately, it has been a very busy time for us as a family, and a time full of changes and challenges for us all.

Health challenges.

New jobs.

Lost feathered friends.

Changing or adjusting goals.

New realities.

We have faced them all. All within the last month or so, and it has been a whirlwind. At times, it seemed almost overwhelming. No, scrap that. It was overwhelming, but then we refocused and found our way again.

This journey of ALS is teaching us so much. Our old self-expectations have to be re-visited and adjusted almost daily. That huge garden that could produce most of our produce needs? It has to be trimmed back as we just don’t have the time, energy, or enough help to accomplish it all. The hope of having the kitchen project done by the first of July? Not happening.

None of this is due to lack of effort or devotion. It is because of the sheer amount of work and time involved in the daily realities of our changing lives. The time spent on things like medical appointments and improving accessibility is almost unimaginable.

What we are learning is that the quality of life, and love, matter more than anything, and that, that we have!


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