Scout’s Teachings

This is Scout. Scout is our half golden-doodle, half bulldog puppy, who just celebrated her first birthday.

Scout is my teacher.

Those of you who know me personally, know that patience is not one of my virtues. I multi-task almost constantly, and I don’t take the time I should to stop and look at the world, to enjoy its beauty.

Scout is helping me with this.

When I was a child, Ferdinand the Bull, was one of my all-time favorite books. I loved the idea of a bull who sat under trees and admired the flowers.

Scout does that, every day.

Now, let’s be realistic, when I take Scout for one of her at least eight walks a day, I really want her to do her business and let me get back to my list of things to do.

Scout is not about to let that happen.

Scout has to admire the beauty of the world. Snow is falling? Scout sits and tips her head back to enjoy the snow. Flowers are blooming? Scout has to look at each one, and smell them as well. The leaves are turning the colors of fall? Scout gazes at them with awe. Rain is falling? Scout has to stop and watch the drops falling into puddles, mesmerized by the patterns in the water.

This picture is of Scout in one of her favorite places, sitting on the back deck, on a chair, staring out at her land and her creatures. Yes, she is always watching to make sure that a rabid squirrel isn’t thinking about coming near her fire pit, but most of the time, she sits, her tag slowly wagging, as she looks around in wonder.

At first, I tried to hurry her up. It didn’t work, and all it did was frustrate me. Scout didn’t care how fast I wanted her to move, she was (and is) going to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the world, and I am learning to adjust to her way of doing things.

It is a good way to live, and I am so thankful for Scout forcing me to slow down, look at the beauty, and smell the flowers once in a while.

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