The Power of a Thank You

This morning, my day started with a thank you. A thank you that means more than I can adequately express, because it was so brutally honest and heartfelt, so unsolicited, and so unexpected considering where and when we were standing.

“Thank you” can be two of the most powerful words in English, especially when it is truly meant. They show that you are connecting with another person, and recognizing that person’s efforts. It takes you outside of yourself, and gives recognition to another.

I often write about gratitude, when I practice my daily ritual of thinking about my day and either speaking (to myself) about the people and things that impacted my day in a positive manner, or I write about it. But sometimes I forget that standing face-to-face, or voice-to-voice and saying “Thank you for…” to a person is a truly magnificent thing to do.

Have you thanked people in your life recently? Truly thanked them?

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