Love, Hila-style


Yes, I did just post a picture of our Hila walking away from me. Why? Because that picture exemplifies love. Deep, unconditional, understanding love.

Hila has loved her human, Paul, since the day she came home with us. Lana, my sheep, has always liked us, but not with the intensity of Hila’s devotion to Paul. Hila would be happy if she could just follow him around all day or just sit with him. It is really funny to watch her be so gentle with him, then push Lana away if she wants to come in for cuddles too.

Why does this picture matter to me? Because it shows how a large, sometimes smelly, loud animal has the sensitivity and love to know how to take care of her human. She walks carefully beside him, making sure he is safe, and never letting him out of her view. She knows what he needs, and how to make sure she also gets the love she needs. What a wonderful way to live!

We almost lost Hila last spring to a neurological issue. Thankfully, she rebounded and came back with the same beautiful personality. Her love and devotion makes me smile on a daily basis!

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