Let’s welcome author Paige Etheridge!

Today, it is my pleasure to welcome author Paige Etheridge to my blog!
Paige writes:
Thank you so much!
I’ve been driven to tell stories since long before I could remember. They were just there in my mind and I had this compulsion to release them. Before I knew how to write, I would use stickers and drawings to create narratives. Lisa Frank styled cave paintings on the page. As an adult, I get about half of my book ideas from dreams and the other half come like a lightning strike randomly as I go through my waking life. I generally deal with obscure topics around mythology, culture, and sexuality. My first book “Kissing Stars Over the Rising Sun” deals with the Pan Pan women who were erased from Japanese history for being too sexual and wild. While their lives were controversial, they made a huge splash and I don’t believe anyone deserves to be forgotten. Since my Greek ancestors were also involved with the Occupation of Japan, in which the Pan Pan came about, I felt an even deeper obligation to them. The idea came from a dream, a history of a teacher of mine told me to look at a specific street in Japan during the 1940s. During my research of that area, I found the Pan Pan. My second book “Cyber Knot” deals with the concept of cyborg not currently covered under the current definition in the dictionary as well as religious and environmental trends. At the moment I am finishing a book about the Amazon River Dolphins which also deals with the mythology surrounding them as Boto/Encantado aka Pink Weredolphins. The stories around these dolphins deal with the cultural aspects of Brazil I want to bring into the light. After that, I’ve been dreaming about a woman waiting for me at the border of Pakistan in India, so I know her book is coming up next. I’ve been cooking up Indian food like a storm as a result. Though I’m still committed to the dolphins until that book is done. After, I’ll dive into more serious research to find the woman I’ve been dreaming about.
Personally, I’m an outdoorsy type. I love organic gardening. My Thai Pink Tomatoes I grew during the summer were quite popular on social media! I also cook international foods from scratch. I go hiking in the woods and near the beach a lot. I’m a gamer too; at the moment I’ve been replaying Metal Gear Solid 3 and Pokemon Go. I’m a sushi fanatic. I get around great art as much as I can. I feel what I do is a wonderful reset to prepare me to dive back into my books.


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