An Update

As we have continued to spin around in circles trying to adjust to our new reality, I realize that I haven’t written or posted as much as in the past. First and foremost, we have been running around to appointments, trying to make sure we are taking care of each other, while also having lots of wonderful visitors. It also is, realistically, that in my anger, hurt, sadness with the universe, it has been harder to be positive in outlook, and I have needed to think in a very focused manner about gratitude. And fiction? I have to admit that right now, my characters seem to have taken a hike for a bit, as my fiction brain seems to be on hiatus.

Being thankful? Feeling grateful deep in my bones? Yes, I am thankful and feeling that true and deep gratitude. I feel it for the dinners that have appeared at our house, the phone calls, the text messages, the cards, the silly memes, the hugs, the blunt conversations, the company on hikes, the chocolates and the photos. I am filled with gratitude for the love that has flowed our way, and it means more than I can express.


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