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Today, I am so excited to introduce fellow Solstice Publishing author Marie Lavender! I as so happy to share Marie’s thoughts about her own writing journey, as well as information about her books.


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An Author’s Identity

by Marie Lavender

Who am I? First of all, I’m a fiancée, a daughter, a sister, and the proud mom of two fur babies. I am also the great-granddaughter of a full-blooded Cherokee Indian, a woman who married an Irishman. Diversely, on my father’s side, there’s a mix of cultures, French and Norwegian among others. But I digress.

Identity is everything to a writer, and being a writer is at the core of my being. Writers define themselves a certain way. They may stray for a while at times, but they’ll always come back to writing. This is my habit as well.

I write to give a voice to the characters who want their stories told. I write because I can’t imagine any other career that suits me more, or anything that would be as satisfying. I write what the muse leads me to – all the unknown paths. I write fiction because it’s as naked as my heart can get, when it’s conveyed on the page through the actions of the characters I represent.

The call has always been there. As a child, I portrayed stories through the interactions of dolls. Later, when I could finally string a sentence together, the pen was scrawling across my one-subject note books and decorative journals until my hand ached. I had something to say, and this was the only way I knew to accomplish such a task. From the time I was nine, I wanted to be a novelist. To see one of my books in a bookstore someday. It was never about fame or fortune. No, this was about passion. Pursuing the one thing that felt so natural, and I just knew I could never walk away.

I’d always wanted to find a traditional publisher on my writing journey, but in 2010 I decided to try my hand at the indie approach. It took a few years to get the hang of it, to figure out that editing, compelling cover art, and a good book description were a must. In 2011, I finished a historical romance manuscript. I began querying literary agents and publishing companies. By August of 2012, I’d landed an official book contract with Solstice Publishing, and when February of 2013 came along, the Victorian romance was released to the public. I’ve been with the same publisher ever since, but I haven’t given up producing books on my own. To date, I have 24 published titles in the genres of historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, dramatic fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery/thriller, literary fiction and poetry.

Was it easy? Not at all. I would be nothing without the ups and downs that pushed me to persevere despite the naysayers and moments of discouragement. All of it made me who I am.

Recently, the cover for my Victorian maritime romance boxed set was updated! The Heiresses in Love Series has a special place in my heart, with characters that readers have loved again and again. I hope you think so too…

So, who am I? A writer with more works in progress than I can count on two hands.

Why do I write? It’s because I’m following the call of the muse. Beyond that, I write for the readers who could use a unique character to root for. Maybe they’re reminded of themselves , or someone else in their lives.

Through my work, I just hope to touch people in some way.

Blurb for Heiresses in Love Trilogy (boxed set)

An unforgettable, sweeping saga of romance, passion and history rooted in tales of maritime suspense…

Three heiresses…three novels like no other.


Fara risks her heart every time she’s with him, but she cannot deny him.


Chloe never imagined that the man she deceived would be the one man she can’t stop loving.


Adrienne must decide whether to succumb to desire or fight for love.


…Will these remarkable women at last find what they’ve always wanted, or lose more than they can bear?

Genre: Historical Romance – Victorian, maritime, family saga

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