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Earlier today, I shared our beautiful “Do a Sam” tree design, created by artist Jen Lenox. The first few people who saw it immediately commented, “I’d love a t-shirt of that!” So that got us thinking…

Many of you know, after Sam’s death, we funded a scholarship fund at Otter Valley Union High School to help financially support a student who was just plain kind, supportive and accepting of others. We are very proud of the students who received the funding, as they are just amazing.

Having said that, we have decided to change the focus of the fund for the future, and instead are going to have it be either to support a student pursuing studies in social work, theater, mental health or environmental studies, or help fund a student’s volunteer work/projects in the areas of human rights or helping the earth. As a family, we will continue to fund this scholarship, but we would like to try to broaden it out.

So we got thinking after the t-shirt comments that there might be others out there who would like a “Do A Sam” shirt, pin, magnet — and that if we had them made and sold them, the profits would go to fund this scholarship effort. Who knows, maybe it will be so successful that we can broaden the fund to schools other than Otter Valley!

But, before we have boxes of shirts in our office at home, we thought we’d put it out there to the broader community. If we were to have shirts or other things made, would you be interested in them?

Here are some of the options we have looked at:


Here’s our question to you as we gauge interest. Would you be interested in such a shirt (no obligation) and if so, which option?


4 thoughts on “Are you interested?

  1. Yes!!!! I love this! I’m would so love be several T-shirt’s and a sweat shirt!!! So amazing! Count me in!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Sam is smiling down. While they’re all great, the rainbow is just perfect in my opinion!

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