How are they?

Several of you have asked how Hila, Lana and Ellsy are adjusting to their new lives. The short answer is they are all doing beautifully!

The longer answer is that it is truly funny to see how they all are. First, the girls still want to make sure that their “parent” is paying attention to them.


Everywhere he goes, they want to go. But when he leaves them, they quickly adapt back to running, playing, and learning to be a little herd.

As for Ellsy, he has moved from being pretty hesitant to following them around, making sure they are okay, and sleeping in a guard position at night to protect them. Even when they go exploring (like checking out his grain or smelling the barn), he is right behind them.


And when they come into the barn to have their bottles? Ellsy either comes right in the barn, or stands watchfully in the door.


It is so good to see how much happier Ellsy is since he got his new roommates. He had a long, lonely winter, and with friends, he is perking right up again.

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