The End of One Era and the Start of Another


This morning, I came down the stairs from our bedroom, and could hear an unusual noises coming from the basement. When I opened the door, holding two bottles for the lambs, they were standing on the bottom stair, looking very proud of themselves.

After investigating, I found that overnight, they had decided to break-out of their sleeping quarters. Sigh… They had a really good time last night.

In hindsight, their decision to explore their world last night pushed us into a decision we’d been discussing for the last two days. We knew it was time to start their transition to the barn with Ellsy, but wanted to do it slowly as to not shock them. So, as of last night, our plan was to take them down to the barn for a couple hours today, then bring them back in at night. We were going to expand the hours in the barn day by day.

Nope. With their freedom romp last night, it was clear that they are ready for the big barn. So while they played on the deck, we finished their new pen in the barn.

Then, we took them down to the pen and barn. Now, they’ve visited before, but this was different. Hila went first, and since she hates to be away from Lana for even a minute, she was yowling, which didn’t impress Ellsy a whole lot. Then we got Lana, who loves an adventure, and when she got down to the pen, Ellsy came over to rub noses with her.

We moved them into their new (temporary) pen. This is just transitional, giving the three of them time to get used to living together before we let them out all the time with Ellsy.


They love their new home. Lots of room, new sights and smells, and interesting sounds.

However, Ellsy isn’t quite sure about sharing his space. He decided to stand out in the pouring rain and look in at us all…


We gave the lambs their bottles, and then left them all to get used to their new situations. We’ll let you know how it goes!


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