You really wanted more sheep pictures, right?

Our lambs are amazing! They make us laugh, they are fascinating to watch, and we love their devotion to each other. So, here are a few pictures of them from the last week.




This is Lana, clearly thinking that if she takes a nap by the bucket with the lamb formula powder, it might make her bottle come sooner. She was wrong.




This is the two of them, looking at their reflections in the dishwasher, clearly thinking that there were two sheep stuck inside…




Here is Hila, who loves my computer bag.  Yes, I wipe lamb spit off it each day.




And here are the two of them, so excited to eat a little bit of lettuce. We are slowly weaning them off the milk, adding more grain and hay each day, and are starting to introduce some greens. They were so excited!!


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