As you know, two needy lambs came to live with us about ten days ago. Each one is a twin, but they are not a set of twins — their moms favored the other twin and ignored these girls, so they came to live with us.

Right from the start, they had very different personalities. Lana (on the left) is quiet, shy, and a bit more skittish. She likes to be cuddled, and will rub noses, but doesn’t like strangers at all. Hila (on the right) is loud, loves her people, loves to cuddle, and runs and jumps like crazy. A new person is a potential new friend or source of warm milk.

But the funny thing is that within hours of coming home with us, they were the best of friends. They play together, eat together, sleep together. If one goes running across the house, the other is right behind. When we take them down to their pen at night, Hila cries with sadness until she is back with Lana. They are best friends.

Again, as I wrote about in the recent grief, animals teach us a lot about emotion. These two are friends, buddies, companions. They look after each other, snuggle for warmth when it’s cold, and entertain each other.

And we are so very fortunate to be able to take part in their friendship!

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