Who am I?

This week has been a fascinating combination of shifting identities. Over the weekend? Daughter, daughter-in-law, and sheep mommy were at the forefront. Monday? Spending time with our oldest and youngest, while balancing sheep parenthood. Yesterday? Sheep and a talk to the Addison County Substance Use & Abuse Prevention Committee (website). Today? Started the day with hungry lambs — really, really hungry lambs. Then spoke to the Middlebury Rotary Club. What an amazing group they are, and they had the best questions! Then home, to gather furniture donations to give to one of our local support agencies, junk to go to the transfer station, and sheep time. Lots of sheep time. Now some writing time before chores and lamb feeding.

Yes, I have changed my clothes from barn to professional at least 100 times in the last few days. I have washed my hands at least 1000 times, and it is all worth it!




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