Love, love, love

The other day, I wrote about the love between our two alpacas, Ellsbury and Kahuna. Since then, we have been doing what I refer to as “alpaca physical therapy,” where at least three times a day, we go make sure that Kahuna gets up and walks around carefully to make sure his other muscles don’t get to stiff or start to weaken. We give him his medicine, we massage his sore leg, and the whole time, Ellsbury stands guard. Kahuna walks outside to check things out? Ellsbury goes along. Kahuna gets a shot of anti-inflammatory medicine? Ellsbury stands right next to us as we give it. And when Kahuna is walking around, and Ellsbury gets boxed into a corner by the human helpers, which would normally result in Ellsy giving a swift kick to the humans? He just hums at us and moves away, no kicking involved.

Love, it’s love, pure and simple.

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