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Over the last couple months, as people have read Of Grief, Garlic and Gratitude, many have reached out to share their thoughts with me. Some knew Sam, and their words are always tinged with their own personal grief about his death. Some knew me, or Paul, or our children other than Sam, and their words are tinged with the emotion of seeing how we have all changed since his death. Lately, many of the comments have come from people who never knew Sam, or barely knew any of the rest of us in the family.

What readers think matter to me. I write with the hope that my words will impact others, and in the case of this book, so much of my heart and soul went into the project, so its impact really matters to me.

Some of my favorite comments lately?

  • “Poignantly honest and written with so much love, you owe it to yourself & those you love to spend just a few hours getting to know Sam, a very special young man who loved unconditionally & continues to teach us to love fiercely in his absence. ❤”
  • “The love truly flows through this book.”
  • “Everyone who can please order Of Grief Garlic and Gratitude beautifully written by a Great Mom.”
  • “Just finished of grief garlic and gratitude. My sister sue lent me this book to read and I could not put it down . One of the best books I have ever read.”
  • And from a recent newspaper article, “– an exceptionally good writer –.”

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