Holiday Traditions

As we move further into the holiday season, I’ve been thinking about holiday traditions. My own family had some odd ones. For example, because my father is a minister, every Christmas Eve of my growing up had me folding bulletins for church that night. I still have the urge to carefully crease paper on Christmas Eve. Then there was the tradition of everyone sitting together on Christmas morning and you each opened one present at a time, from youngest to oldest. Of course, before long, only the youngest few had any left to open, but the forced order gave us more time to focus on each other, enhanced the anticipation, and caused a lot of laughter about who is the oldest.

In my husband’s family, one of their traditions was eating French Canadian meat pie around Christmas. I’d never heard of such a pie before we got together. But on one of our earliest Christmases together, he asked me about making the pie for Christmas Eve dinner. I learned how to make it, love eating it, and now it is a tradition every year. The funny thing is that tradition has now spread to my parents, who take a pie home for Christmas dinner.

What are your holiday traditions?

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