Love, just love

This weekend I have thought a lot about love. I have watched/read as people I know and love have posted online about how everyone should say “Merry Christmas,” or that certain songs should be celebrated or banned. I have watched as people have posted about how they have finished shopping, while they then trash others in their posts. And through it all, I have seen/felt an undercurrent of anger.

Why so much anger? Is it because we are bombarded by the “wonders” of the holiday season, while so many of us are struggling? Is it because our world seems to be a chaotic and negative place? Is it because we are so convinced that our views are right?

My views are my own. I don’t have the right to shove them down the throats of others. I don’t care who someone loves, how they love them, what someone’s gender identity is, religion, political affiliation, or whether they celebrate a holiday or not. All I care about is that person does no harm to others, and hopefully, tries to do some good.

If you want to wish me a merry Christmas, go for it. Happy holidays? Great. A blessed season? Great. None of the above because this time of year is hard for you? Absolutely fine. I just know that I care about you, want what is best for you, and that I have no right to say that I know how you should live your life.

One of the things that Sam was best at was laughing at our (collective) stupidities. He would openly call people out in this really humorous way about their extreme views or behaviors, and do it in a way that didn’t cause anger or defensiveness. I haven’t get figured out how to do that, so all I can say it that be however makes you happy, make eye contact when you see me, and assume good intentions all around — and I will do the same.

Love, just love. That is the answer.

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