The importance of quiet

The last couple days of my life (professionally) have been noisy. Very, very noisy. Not bad noise, just noise. Lots of noise. Constant human voices.

Normally, at the beginning and end of each day, I have some time outdoors or at home where we are quiet. No human voices talking, or very little talking, soft music, time to let the day consolidate in my brain, time to focus on finding my center again. The last few days, I haven’t had the time, and I can tell when that is the case because I become more frustrated with others, and am quicker to irritation.

Tonight, after another very noisy day, I took some time to stand (and walk) outside in the dark, just hearing the silence. How beautiful it was! Just a couple minutes of not hearing relentless chattering made me re-calibrate, and I found my center again.

Just my own opinion, but I think everyone should find that silence at some point every day, just to be able to hear their own hearts, and remember who they are.


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