Fall is here!

This weekend fall arrived in Vermont. I don’t mean just the changing of the seasons with the equinox, I mean the changing of the weather, and the fall harvest season kicking into full gear.

This morning it was 45 degrees when I woke up. Last Sunday morning, it was 67. Big difference. This morning the laying hens were all standing together in a sunbeam, fluffed up, trying to warm up. Even Ellsbury was standing in the sunshine, like he was trying to collect its warmth.

With the cooler temperatures, we feel the urgency of finishing the fall chores. The chimneys, woodstove and fireplace have been cleaned. The garden is beginning to come down, we will plant our garlic in the next couple weeks.

Here is a picture of Ellsbury and Kahuna enjoying the pulled broccoli plants.



With the end of the garden season, we harvested a rainbow yesterday for our dinner.


We had red potatoes, a seedless cucumber, red onions, heritage beets, carrots, bell peppers, yellow squash, hot peppers and Swiss chard. I love the colors!

Then, after harvesting, cleaning, storing, I finally finished a scarf I’ve been working on, then washed skeins of our alpaca yarn for my next project.


After all of that was done, I went out to look at Sam’s maple tree. No sign of change of the foliage yet, but we know it will be soon.


Now it’s time for some fall cooking for dinners this week. A chicken pie, then beef barley stew, and if there is time, butternut squash soup.

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