Fall is arriving in Vermont. We have had a warmer than normal start to September, now it is getting a bit cooler. As we drive through the local area, you can see the corn turning yellow. That is a sure sign that it will be chopped for animal feed soon. The vegetable gardens look droopy, plants ready for pulling and composting. Our garden plants never make it to the compost pile, the plants and vines go to the alpacas. Ellsbury loves squash vines!
As fall arrives, I look forward to the smell of the leaves as they decompose. I eagerly anticipate the smell of wood smoke as we (and our neighbors) start using our woodstoves. I can’t wait to visit the local orchard to get a bag of tart apples for snacking. Actually, the apples are a bit of a ruse. Really, I am going to the orchard to get some of their incredible cider donuts. I can’t wait for football games under the lights, bundled in a sweatshirt.
Soon the majority of the leaves will start changing their colors. We will have the fiery colors of the maple foliage — I can’t wait!

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