That Wedding Day

three boys at wedding

Yesterday I re-posted this picture on Facebook. I originally posted this picture seven years ago. This photo is of our three sons before their sister’s wedding, Sam is in the middle of the picture.
People have asked me if pictures of Sam make me happy or sad, and I always answer that they do both. But this picture? This picture reminds me of many good memories from that day, or that week in general.
That week was one for the history books in Vermont, and certainly one for our family. Within one week, Hurricane Irene devastated Vermont. Sam started his first year of college. My mom, in her late 70s, had her wisdom teeth removed. I started a new job. Phew! Oh, yeah, we aslo were getting ready for a family wedding…
The wedding day dawned hot and humid. We gathered at the Intervale in Burlington for the wedding, and Sam did a Sam. There were two young (child) guests who were both seriously socially awkward. Seriously awkward. And within minutes, Sam had a little entourage. Those two boys followed him around all day, sat with him at the reception, and invited him to go for a walk. One of them even asked Sam to dance with him that night, which he did. There was no looking down on these kids, there was just Sam being Sam, loving getting to know new people. He accepted them quirks and all.
After his death. both of those boys reached out to us, sharing their grief that their friend had passed away.
That day was full of beautiful moments. Love, acceptance, blending of families, seeing loved ones, getting to know new people. We sat with our former daughter-in-law as our daughter married her new wife. And it all worked, and it all showed love.
Now, I look at that picture and see our three sons, so proud to be part of their sister’s day, so full of love and joy. And the picture brings more joy than tears.

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