A Heat Wave and a New Year

Vermont is in the midst of another heat wave, and as I said a few weeks ago, Vermonters don’t do heat well. Most buildings in Vermont aren’t air conditioned, we are used to being outside a lot, and when it gets this hot and humid, we tend to get cranky. Well, maybe it is that I get cranky when it is this hot.

Over the last few days, we have enjoyed wonderful times with family-friends (non relatives who are more family than some blood relatives). We have laughed, cried, joked, enjoyed meals together, developed new relationships, celebrated, wrestled with deep questions, and just enjoyed the love we share. We have helped our youngest get settled into his new year of college, cheered for our oldest as she starts a new year of teaching, and celebrated with our oldest son as he had another amazing accomplishment in his racing (running). We have picked/washed/dehydrated/canned or frozen bushels of produce, and gotten ready for a family trip next week.

And then, in the midst of that all, we also got ready for the start of another school year for me — making sure that all of the logistics were ready for the first day with students. The year has now started, and what a joy it is to be (again) surrounded by the most amazing colleagues and students.

Hopefully, the heat will break over night. As for tonight, after cold dinner (who wants hot food in this heat?), we are now sitting in the air conditioned upstairs of the house. For a bit, I will proof the book, then I think we will watch a little TV before falling asleep and dreaming of winter.


One thought on “A Heat Wave and a New Year

  1. We’re kind of the same out here in Western Oregon. It’ll hit 90 every now and than but when it hits 100 that is way out of our league.

    I miss Vermont. I need to go back.

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