The first reviews!

As the manuscript of Of Grief, Garlic and Gratitude is now in its final, final, final round of proofreading prior to submitting it for the interior design/layout process, I have the excitement of the first reviews of it coming in. I am very proud to share some of them here:

“This book kept me it it’s grip from the beginning.  Beautifully written it took me through the roller coaster emotions of Loss of a child, Denial, Anger, Acceptance, Love, Joy and more.  Creatively written as a daily, weekly, monthly, annual personal journal, I found it hard to put down waiting for the story to keep unfolding.”


“I have been moved to tears by your lovely book, your honoring of Sam, your family, your community, and mostly the honoring of your own grief process.  This book is a part of Sam’s and your legacy – a healing for all of us, since we all experience grief and loss.  Thank you for writing this – for giving meaning to your suffering.  We are all the richer for it.”


“I thought it would be too painful for me to read your book. It was painful, but not too painful. Your balance of personal perspective, brutal honesty (including alerts to tirades and snarky comments), and lovely, happy times mixed among the unbearable grief kept me going. I wanted and needed to know how you and your family managed.”


OGG Cover Image Final

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