My favorite time of year has started, the full-out gardening season. Our vegetable gardens are growing by the second, the blackberries have formed and are getting bigger each day, and we have started harvesting produce. Over the last week, we have had a salad (either lettuce/spinach or kale) twice a day, with our radishes and young beets on them, eaten our broccoli, and will start picking cabbage this week. The first cabbage is used in cooking, then we will start making sauerkraut and kimchi.  Our basil accents local tomatoes beautifully, and our other herbs are being used in cooking, and bring such fresh flavors. Yes, I love the garden season!

One thought on “Farming!

  1. You just described the memories of my childhood.

    My grandparents owned a home near the railroad tracks. They made a deal with the railroad to take care of the half acre of land freeing up labor for the railroad. By doing so they were allowed to create a huge garden. I remember picking corn while the train rushed by. As a kid is was such a rush being lost in the corn while feeling the power of the train.


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