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As I have been working on the editing for Of Grief, Garlic and Gratitude, I needed to take out the YouTube links that had been originally included in my Facebook posts that are included in that book, just in case the links are taken down at a later date. So, as I thought about removing them, I thought I would instead include them here in a post, in case any of you wanted to check them out.

The first link was to a really wonderful video that Sam made with friends for a science project in high school.

This is NOT a fungus


Then, I posted a list of Sam’s favorite songs, with links to videos of them:

The Vermont State Song —

SpongeBob – “Best Day Ever” –

Jesus Christ Superstar – “Everything’s Alright”

Bob Dylan – “Like a Rolling Stone” —

Arlo Guthrie – “Motorcycle Song” —

Twiddle – “When it Rains it Poors” —

Twiddle – “Hatibagen McRat” —

Zach Sobiak – “Clouds” —

America – “Horse with No Name” —

Aerosmith – “Amazing” —

Rocky Horror – “Time Warp” —

Macklemore – “Same Love” (he thought it was overplayed, but loved the message) –

Tom Petty – “Into the Great Wide Open” —

Andrea Bocelli – “Por Ti Volare” —

Pavarotti – “Ave Maria” —

Bryan Adams – “I will Always Return” —

Arlo Guthrie – “Amazing Grace” —


Finally, I also originally included the link to Otter Valley Union High School’s Walking Stick Theater’s production of their student-written and choreographed play, Inevitable, which I think is an amazing work of art.


I hope you will take some time to check these links out!


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