The weekend on a farm…

It was another busy weekend at our house, thankfully a long one. Due to lots of visiting family lately, and the need to get the garden in, the housecleaning had been neglected for far too long and many other things around home needed attention.

First thing Saturday, we ran a couple errands, including getting the last two seedlings for the garden (leeks and a dill plant since the chickens ate the last one). Then we came home and cleaned the house top to bottom, even washing our endless hardwood floors as the pollen is streaming in through the windows right now. After that, there was mowing, watering, feeding the animals, and getting the equipment ready for honey extraction on Sunday.

On Sunday, we started the extraction process bright and early. Hours and hours of back-breaking work later, we had almost seven gallons of gorgeous raw honey. Then we had to clean all the equipment, take care of our more than 30 chicks, weed some, clean the big animal barn, and finally get the super boxes and frames/foundations ready to add to the hives on Monday.

On Monday, we added the supers to the hives, fed the bees, weeded, watered, planted the last row of broccoli and cabbage, got out the hummingbird feeders and made food for them, had a conference call with my publisher for Of Grief, Garlic and Gratitude, then had a wonderful family meal with the extended family.

Phew! What a wonderful weekend with time with family and time with nature.

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    • Thank you so much! I sometimes have to remind myself to slow down enough to look around…

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