Patience is NOT one of my virtues!

It is another busy time of year. The school year is coming to an end, bringing with it the transitions in and out of classes of students. The garden needs planting, the lawn needs mowing almost constantly, the bees need to be cared for, and the alpacas need shearing. Then, in the midst of it, yes, I try to remember to send out tweets and posts about my three published books, and work on editing my memoir.

Now the memoir is in the hands of an editor, again, and I am waiting for my first formal call with my author’s team at the publishing house working with me on this book. I can’t wait to talk to them about the timeline for publishing, and get moving on the details like the cover. While I wait for that call, I’m also putting together my launch team (which still sounds like something for NASA) and contacting people about reviews and quotes. I have to remind myself that while the call on Monday seems so far from now, really, it is almost here. In the meantime, I can work on details that I control, and try to enjoy the process.

As I wait, I can enjoy seeing how Sam’s garlic is flourishing — any day now we should see the first garlic scapes appearing. Not only are they beautiful to look at as they grow, they are delicious!


One thought on “Patience is NOT one of my virtues!

  1. You’ve created a nice balance of your creative life and the life outdoors. In a way they are both the same. I have always felt that nature feeds the creative mind and your story is a perfect example of such. We need to be outdoors as much as we do behind the keyboard.

    Happy to read you have created the perfect balance.

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